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Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL
Shapewear for the Face - SMALL

Shapewear for the Face - SMALL

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Product Information


The Happy Chin is a one piece - adhesive tab system which is meant to be placed under and behind each ear and pulled tightly behind your neck against your hairline in order to give each user the look and feel of a mini facelift. 

 Each Happy Chin lift tab is made of non latex, hypoallergenic materials, which are breathable and non toxic. Our revolutionary design creates the lift you desire for your chin, neck and jawline, anytime you need. It is so easy to apply, it takes only seconds. It's as easy as putting on a band-aid. 

 The Happy Chin is a product for everyone. We are excited for your to try it!


- 30 Tabs Included (one months supply)
- No Assembly Required
-Totally Undetectable
- Stays on all day long, won't slip or slide out of place
- Water Proof
- Hypoallergenic
- 100% guaranteed
- Designed for any neck size
- Made in the USA

What Customers Say

Celebrate Beauty

The Happy Chin puts a celebrity beauty secret right at your fingertips. This revolutionary new design allows each user to apply it with ease and comfort. You can be confident in knowing that it won't slip off or be visible to others. We offer more holding power to accommodate any problem area in the chin and neck area. We have made it with powerful, yet gentle adhesive and comfortable materials which breath and do not irritate the skin. The Happy Chin was developed for every user to wear every day and to be more effective then any other product of its kind.
Pull that chin back honey!

Directions for Use

Always make sure to apply to clean, dry skin

The Happy Chin tab is designed to be placed on the back of your neck behind your hairline and adhered behind and under each ear.

  • Clean and dry skin thoroughly.

    For more effective adherence, do not use any lotions or cosmetics on skin area prior to application. We recommend cleaning skin with rubbing alcohol for a more effective adherence.
  • Pull up or tie hair back.

    Pull up or tie back hair to expose neck and chin area behind ears.
  • Pull back skin.

    In front of mirror, pull back the skin under your chin and neck area with fingertips tightly behind your ears until you find the lift you want.
  • Get ready to tape.

    Remove tape tab paper from one end of product and prepare to place it behind and under ear area on one side of neck. Pull skin tight and adhere. Hold for 20 seconds, pressing adhesive tab into skin.
  • Hold tab one and position tab two.

    Hold adhered tab one to skin while pulling the second tab over behind neck area and high into the hair line to the other side of your neck to adhere. Once ready to apply, remove tab paper. Pull any remaining loose skin under chin and neck area taut behind ear and hold with fingertips, then place the Adhesive Tab Two to skin to hold and create the lift that you desire. You should feel a tight, yet comfortable pull in the front of your neck and chin area.


Directions To Remove

Apply an oil-based lotion to area where adhesive tabs are placed and gently rub in before removing. Note: Our product is hypoallergenic and latex-free but should your skin become sensitive from extended wear, wait a few days before re-applying.

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