INTRODUCING SHAPEWEAR FOR THE FACE Happy Chin is proud to support Live Your Dream Foundation in 2021 by donating proceeds to support and encourage women and girls.

About Us

Syndeelou Jones, Founder and CEO
In 2017, Syndeelou Jones was faced with something many of us can relate to... when looking into the mirror and realizing that no matter how well she had taken care of herself...age was beginning to impact her skin. As a successful talk show host and entrepreneur, she needed to feel her most confident yet wasn’t comfortable undergoing plastic surgery.
When she couldn't find anything on the market to help address her aging neck and chin area, she set out (at her kitchen table in fact) to create something that would. 
After months of research and home crafting, many glasses of wine and a few frustration tears, she finally created something that worked perfectly for her and she began to wear it every day.
Soon, her friends discovered what a difference it made in her appearance and they too wanted one and began asking her to create this “magic” product for them.
and, so it began...
Syndeelou realized that if all her friends were going wild for this little product, there would be many women who could benefit from it as well. In 2018, the real work began... this was going to become a real business, one which supported every woman to feel their most beautiful.

For the next year and a half, Syndeelou dropped everything else in her life and devoted herself whole-heartedely to this endeavor.  She researched and sought out the advice from experts, to assure that the product going to market would meet all her strict criteria.

It had to be comfortable on the neck, flexible, inconspicuous, stay on all day,  waterproof, hypoallergenic, and most importantly, it truly had to deliver on its promise to eliminate a double chin and wrinkled neck instantly.

Syndeelou was raised to have integrity in everything she does.  That holds true with this company and this product.  She wouldn't sell it if she couldn't wear it every day.

The Happy Chin was made for all women (and men too), to fit every size neck or chin and to wear every day, if needed.

Why the name "Happy Chin"?, well, that's obvious... every person that tried the product on, simply loved it... it made them happy, and that's the whole mission behind Happy Chin, LLC.  

It is to bring a smile to the face of anyone who wears it.

Beauty begins with a happy chin.