Does it really work?

Absolutely - We guarantee it and back it with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. We care about our clients and make your needs a priority.


How long can I wear the Happy Chin tab?

Your package of Happy Chin tabs arrives with Fifteen (15) disposable face shapers. When following the application instructions, the Happy Chin will stay in place (6 to 8 hours - recommended). Note: Not recommended to wear overnight. Please remove at bedtime.


Is the Happy Chin irritating to the skin?
The Happy Chin product is made with a stretch fabric and hypoallergenic latex free, medical grade tape.. If you have any allergies to latex or skin tape adhesives, this product is not for you. Due to its medical grade adhesive tabs, if you have sensitive skin (but not an allergy), this product could leave a slight irritation (temporarily where tabs adhere to skin). We recommend trying it on your skin to see how your skin reacts. If you find the adhesive to be irritating, please remove gently using oil based moisturizer and feel free to return for a full refund. Every person's skin is different and it is up to your discretion to apply safely and comfortably.


Can I return the Happy Chin?

Yes. We have a 100% money back guarantee. You must return product within Sixty (60) days for a full refund (less shipping costs).
Return Unused portion to:
Attn: Returns
10869 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85254


How long does it take to arrive after ordering?

All our products are shipped same day (USPS) (free) Monday through Saturday, if ordered by noon Pacific time. We ship regular ground so you can expect your Happy Chin within 3 - 5 business days domestic. Overnight delivery is also available and applicable charges will apply.


Can I set up a re-order automatically so I don't have to wait for shipping?

Yes! Simply log on to our subscription tab to be set up on a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month plan, in which you will be billed automatically monthly. Your Happy Chin will arrive right at your doorstep monthly. Plus, when you subscribe, you get 10% off of your Happy Chin orders. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime.


Does the Happy Chin have an affiliate program?

Yes we do and would love to send you an application. Thank you for loving our product so much you want to share it with others. We think you will love our program and we look forward to having you in our tribe.
Please email: Admiin@thehappychin.com and put in the Subject Line : JOIN THE TRIBE) to alert us.


Can you see the product on the skin?

The founders are proud to wear the Happy Chin and worked very hard to design the best facelift/chin lift shapewear on the market. It is flexible, breathable, hypoallergenic and when applied properly is totally undetectable. Tape tabs become transparent once properly applied to skin.  The fabric is not invisible and is in a nude color but hides behind the hair. Different shades will be available in the upcoming months - so be sure and check back in for product updates.


Will the Happy Chin fit every neck size?

The Happy Chin face shapewear is designed to fit most neck sizes and to offer a maximum yet comfortable lift.  Product is designed for placement behind your ears and on the back of your neck. Each neck size is different and is up to each purchaser to apply it in a comfortable way based on your neck size.
Our Small is 6.0" long and stretches to 8" in length. We recommend this for a neck circumference up to 14". Our Large size is 6.5" long and stretches to 8.5" in length.  We recommend this for a neck circumference up to 15". Both sizes can fit any neck size, however placement on neck may need to be adjusted for your optimum comfort level.
MORE INFORMATION ON FIT: After reviewing the application and video instructions, you will need to apply and adjust product to specifically fit comfortably on your neck. If you have purchased a Small and find it to feel too snug, you can remove and reapply by placing adhesive tabs away from ears and further back on the neck.  If it still feels too snug, please remove and return for a full refund and try our Large size. Our Large size should fit a neck size up to 15". If you find it too tight, please follow instructions for Small size as listed above to readjust, by placing adhesive tabs further back on your neck   area under the hair.  If product does not fit comfortably after reapplying and readjusting, please return for a full refund.
If Large is too large, simply tear or cut adhesive tabs shorter to allow for the proper fit for you. 
WHAT THE FIT SHOULD FEEL LIKE ON MY NECK? You should feel a slight pull upon initial application as tabs hold the skin you place into the tabs in place, This will loosen as you move your neck.  Please note: there should never be any discomfort. Product is designed to hold back the skin you have placed under its tabs. Please use your discretion as to the application of this product in a safe and comfortable way for your neck and chin area.