Thank you for your interest in the Happy Chin. 
Please view our “How To” video below for detailed application process. We suggest trying it a few times to assure a proper fit. Application process should take no more than two minutes. It should never feel uncomfortable or too tight.
NOTE: For best results apply to clean, dry skin. We recommend using rubbing alcohol for optimum adherence.
Please Note:  If you have any allergies to tape products, this product contains non latex medical grade adhesive tabs which adhere to skin and will not be suitable for those with tape sensitivity or allergies.

The Happy Chin Face shaper is designed to be placed on the back of your neck behind your hairline and adhered behind each ear for a temporary lift to chin and neck area.

1) Clean and dry ski

n thoroughly.

For more effective adherence, do not use any lotions or cosmetics on skin area prior to application. We recommend cleaning skin with rubbing alcohol for a more effective adherence.

2) Pull up or tie hair back.

Pull up or tie back hair to expose neck and chin area behind ears.

3) Pull back skin.

In front of mirror, pull back the skin under your chin and neck area with fingertips tightly behind your ears until you find the lift you want. Beginning with one side of your neck.

4) Get ready to adhere.

Remove tape tab paper from one end of product and prepare to place it in a comfortable spot behind ear area on one side of neck. Hold back your skin comfortably with fingertips and place adhesive tab in place to hold skin in place. Hold for 20 seconds, pressing adhesive tab into skin, until tape becomes transparent on skin.

5) Hold tab one and position tab two.
Hold adhered tab one to skin while pulling the second tab over behind neck area and high into the hair line to the other side of your neck to adhere to skin,. Once ready to apply, remove tab paper. Gently push any remaining loose skin under chin and neck area toward ear and hold with fingertips, then place the Adhesive Tab Two to skin to hold in place and create the lift that you desire. You should feel a taut, yet comfortable pull in the front of your neck and chin.

6) Please position this product on back of the neck so that it is comfortable for your wear.  It should never bind or feel too tight.  Our recommendation for use is subject to each individuals neck size. 

HINT:  To achieve a looser fit, placement of product tabs should be further back on neck and further behind the ears.  You can also adjust the amount of skin you are pulling back for the product to hold in place.
Release your hair and enjoy your Happy Chin!

Should the Happy Chin product feel uncomfortable at any time after your positioning and application of product, please remove and return
for a full refund.

    TO REMOVE: Please gently remove product with an oil based moisturizer to avoid irritation.
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     * The Happy Chin is made with stretch fabric and held in place with medical grade adhesive tape tabs (NOTE: if you are allergic or sensitive to tape products, the Happy Chin is not the right product for you. (We wish it were, but we do use medical grade tape in this product)
     * The Happy Chin is NOT meant to be worn overnight. Please remove before bed or nap time. 
     * The Happy Chin is designed to fit a neck with a comfortable, safe yet taut hold If at any time you feel discomfort, or product feels too tight, please remove product immediately. You can try on our Large size,or remove product and reapply by placing the Happy Chin adhesive tabs further back on your neck for a “looser” hold.. 
     * It is up to users discretion as to your comfort level when applying Happy Chin product to pull back your skin. It is designed for maximum, lasting hold but is not meant to cause discomfort. If you find this product feels too tight or causes any discomfort after our readjustment suggestions, then the Happy Chin product is not right for you and you can return it for a full refund. (We wish it were, but we want you to feel comfortable at all times).