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Fits most neck sizes. Recommended for neck size of 14" and smaller (circumference) Please see FAQ page for more information about sizing and fit.
Made in the U.S.A.

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We are Happy Chin, LLC

An Introduction by Founder & CEO, Syndeelou Jones

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The Happy Chin was created by a woman who wears it every day, for women. (But men can wear it too and love it!)

The Happy Chin Shapewear for the Face consists of 15 Happy Chin shapers.

Each unit is made of a soft comfortable stretch material attached to transparent, strong, hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive tabs to create an AMAZING hold... that lasts for hours.

We spent years developing a product which is easy to apply, effective, comfortable and totally undetectable for every consumer.


* 15 face shapers included

* Each unit is one piece

* 20 seconds to apply

* Stays on all day long

* Hypoallergenic - non latex

* Waterproof adhesive

* Flexible and comfortable

* Hides behind hair on back of neck

* Can be worn with short hair if hidden with a collared shirt


Worn on the back of the neck.

SMALL 6.0” x 1.5” - stretches to 8.0”

LARGE 6.5” x 1.5” - stretches to 8.5”

Size Small is recommended for a neck circumference of 14” or smaller.

Size Large is recommended for a neck circumference of 14.5 or larger.


* Recommended wear of 6 to 8 hours - do not wear to bed (PLEASE SEE DISCLAIMERS BELOW)

FIT: Small recommended for neck circumference up to 14"

The Happy Chin is designed to hold back the skin that you place into its adhesive tabs for the look and feel that you desire. Tabs are recommended for placement on side of neck behind and under the ears. However, you may need to place tabs further back on your neck behind hair if product feels too tight. Please adjust placement of product and amount of skin you place into adhesive tabs to allow for a comfortable and safe hold that is right for you.

If the Happy Chin is too small or feels uncomfortable upon your application, please remove immediately and return for a full refund.


Please view our video below for detailed directions for use

What Customers Say

Celebrate You

Our makeup and skin care routine is a very important part of our day  It's a time when we can block out the rest of the world and devote energy to ourselves. We understand how fun it is to discover a new beauty or skin care product and how good it makes us feel both externally and internally. It is our hope you are as excited about the The Happy Chin face shapewear as we are and enjoy it as part of your 
daily routine.

The Happy Chin tab is designed to be placed on the back of your neck behind your hairline and adhered behind and under each ear.

  • Clean and dry skin thoroughly.

    For more effective adherence, do not use any lotions or cosmetics on skin area prior to application. We recommend cleaning skin with rubbing alcohol for a more effective adherence.
  • Pull up or tie hair back.

    Pull up or tie back hair to expose neck and chin area behind ears.
  • Pull back skin.

    In front of mirror, pull back the skin under your chin and neck area with fingertips tightly behind your ears until you find the lift you want.
  • Get ready to tape.

    Remove tape tab paper from one end of product and prepare to place it behind and under ear area on one side of neck. Pull skin tight and adhere. Hold for 20 seconds, pressing adhesive tab into skin.
  • Hold tab one and position tab two.

    Hold adhered tab one to skin while pulling the second tab over behind neck area and high into the hair line to the other side of your neck to adhere. Once ready to apply, remove tab paper. Pull any remaining loose skin under chin and neck area taut behind ear and hold with fingertips, then place the Adhesive Tab Two to skin to hold and create the lift that you desire. You should feel a tight, yet comfortable pull in the front of your neck and chin area.


Directions To Remove

Apply an oil-based lotion to area where adhesive tabs are placed and gently rub in before removing. Note: Our product is hypoallergenic and latex-free but should your skin become sensitive from extended wear, wait a few days before re-applying.


"The Happy Chin is an easy to use disposable face shapewear product designed for comfort yet to offer you a chin and neck lift any time you need it.  Flexible, indiscreet and effective.  We love being able to offer you a solution to a problem and to help you feel more beautiful."


Syndeelou Jones

Founder & CEO, Happy Chin, LLC

 * The Happy Chin is made with stretch fabric and held in place with medical grade adhesive tape tabs (NOTE: if you are allergic or sensitive to tape products, the Happy Chin is not the right product for you. (We wish it were, but we do use medical grade tape in this product)
  * The Happy Chin is NOT meant to be worn overnight. Please remove before bed or nap time.
 * The Happy Chin is designed to fit neck with a comfortable, safe yet taut hold . If at any time you feel discomfort, or product feels too tight, please remove product immediately. You can try on our Large size, or remove product and reapply by placing the Happy Chin adhesive tabs further back on your neck for a “looser” hold.
 * It is up to users discretion as to your comfort level when applying Happy Chin product to pull back your skin. It is designed for maximum, lasting hold but is not meant to cause discomfort. If you find this product feels too tight or causes any discomfort after our readjustment suggestions, then the Happy Chin product is not right for you and you can return it for a full refund. (We wish it were, but we want you to feel comfortable at all times).


* HOW TO APPLY: Please see instructional video on this page for detailed instructions

* HOW TO REMOVE PRODUCT Please use oil based lotion to gently remove adhesive tabs from skin

* MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee - See Terms and Conditions for more info

Thank you for your interest in Happy Chin Shapewear for the Face. If you have any further questions. Please visit our FAQ page or contact us via email or phone 7 days a week.

- Happy Chin is patent pending and trademark protected

- Shapewear for the Face is trademark protected

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