• Face Lift Tape is a Great Alternative to Plastic Surgery

    Face Lift Tape is a Great Alternative to Plastic Surgery

    What Is Facelift Tape

    Make-up artists and hairstylists have been using facelift tape since the 1960s to help their clients look younger instantly. Popular stars and icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga and Cher have been fans. Even the Real Housewives of New York have mentioned using facelift tape recently. Its probably much more common then we realize and for years has been the best kept secret of top models and celebrities.

    How Does it Work

    Clear adhesive tape products are placed near the top of the ear on either side of the face and pulled behind the neck to achieve a taute and more youthful appearance. The tape product can be easily hidden behind your ears and hair.

    Results courtesy of the Happy Chin

    The Pros of Facelift Tape

    Previously, there really has not been any way to hide a double chin or jowl area without plastic surgery. Many people are still unaware that a product like this even exists. But due to social media and the need to look beautiful for Instagram, Snapchat, etc., facelift tape has become a huge trend. And there is good reason

    • It is easily available

    • It solves a problem

    • It is inexpensive

    • It is easy to use

    • It is an alternative to an expensive cosmetic treatment or surgical procedure

    • It is safe

    • It is effective

    The Cons of Facelift Tape

    The con is that it is a temporary fix and you will need to apply it daily to maintain the look you want. There are wonderful options out there that offer a flexible, comfortable and effective facelift appearance for under $20. We recommend the Happy Chin for anyone who is seeking a quick pick me up, or who is suffering from a double chin or saggy and wrinkled neckline and doesn't want the expense or risk of plastic surgery.

    We are happy that this cosmetic product is making a way for itself. Its about time. We cant wait to see it in every woman's makeup bag.