• The Allure of An Amazing Jawline (and How to Get it)

    The Allure of An Amazing Jawline (and How to Get it)

    Well, It's 2020 and chins are in! In the age of social media, selfies, video calls, and Zoom meetings, a bad angle is just not an option anymore. We must give great face and according to New York City facial plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono. The jawline, and neck are almost an impossible thing to hide.  It’s very telling of a person’s age.

    It appears that what trends on film and the big screen has an impact on beauty trends in the real world. According to Dr. Andrew Jacono, its all about the convex arc of the chin and the following celebrities are noted for having a great chin.

    - Angelina Jolie

    - Jennifer Lopez

    - Scarlett Johansson

    - Natalie Portman

    - Victoria Beckman

    According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery 68% of Americans struggle with a double chin. So, how do we define our jawlines?

    What is Causing Our Weak Jawlines Well, we can be born with it...or, quite simply, it is part of the aging process. Our skin loses collagen and elastin throughout our bodies and bone is being reabsorbed as we get older. The chin structure simply fails to support our lower face. An aging face can begin to show wrinkles around the mouth area, jowls in the chin area, hanging skin under the chin and neck and wrinkles.

    What Do Experts Suggest to Help Strengthen and Support a Sagging Jawline

    Augmentation Surgery in the form of a chin implant, a face lift or a less invasive surgical lift called a thread lift. It is important to do your research and take the time to find a reputable, experienced doctor. There are risks and expenses associated with plastic surgery. You will need to prepare for recovery time, the health risks and the cost.

    Injectables – Injection that destroys fat cells. A chemical is injected into problem area, then fat cells are naturally expelled through the lymphatic system.

    Fillers – Dermal fillers can be used to define the chin area, improving the look of the profile.

    Facial Exercises - After time, facial exercises can strengthen a saggy jaw line and build up the muscle to create a more tone appearance. It may not be a dramatic change however.

    A Reliable and Affordable Alternative

    The Happy Chin - A remarkable new beauty product, which offers a temporary fix to these problem areas. It is Shapewear for the Face. Facelift tape, has long been the secret to the stars, and used by celebrity makeup artists since the 1960s.

    But JoyCo Beauty's patented design has changed the game. It is not just tape, it's fabric shapewear which you can wear all day long comfortably and safely. Discreetly hidden behind your hair or a collared shirt.

    We are happy to provide a safe, inexpensive alternative to cosmetic surgery. It's a beauty product you should always have in your makeup bag...just in case you need a little lift.